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Jun 25

Making Things Happen

  Detector Rows at GRAND The large ray detectors at Project GRAND are designed to collect data 24/7 all on their own.  So what do students and teachers working on GRAND do on a daily basis?  Well, one of their primary jobs on top of analyzing data collected, is to keep these detectors functioning a full …

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Jun 24

Hundreds of Thousands of Possibilities

Example Set of Histograms (2000 data pieces) Students in the CMS Data group at QuarkNet began a new project in analyzing data last week and will continue it into the next few weeks.  They began by learning both the basics of the CMS detector at the LHC and the basics of MatLab.  This computer program is …

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Jun 18

Can We Stop the Zombie Apocalypse?

How are we going to stop Contagion if it hits?  Why do flocks of birds move in the way that they do?  How do we stop current population growth that seems to be shooting out of control?  What is the best strategy to stop the zombie apocalypse?! Any of these questions can be answered by …

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Jun 18

Summer at ND QuarkNet

Expect great things from the Notre Dame QuarkNet Center (NDQC) this summer as a group of  professors, teachers, and high school students embark on research in the field of particle physics.  A series of seven specific research projects are to be conducted over the next few weeks.  I will be attempting to track the progress of …

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May 21

Transit of Venus Activities

Deb Notestine and Keith Davis have put together a great poster covering some upcoming ND Transit-of-Venus activity. Hope to see you at one or more of these events! You can get your own Solar Goggles by doing the scavenger hunt; for more information about Transit of Venus activities in Michiana visit! REMINDER: Do not …

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Feb 13

Three great talks

Come hear three great presentations co-sponsored by Notre Dame’s College of Science. This is an extraordinary set of opportunities. 3 Great Physics Talks View more documents from tloughran

Dec 02

Christmas Star: free DVT presentation Dec 10, 11

Hope to see you there!

Nov 14

Back-2-Back Thursday

Thursday was a busy day for JINA outreach. From 3:30-5:15 we were at Monroe Community Circle Center (MC3) making mini-bots with excited 4th graders during one of our two after-school programs. Students at El Campito made the mini-bots last week. The mini-bots utilize a battery, motor, and Newton’s 3rd law to hop around on a …

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Nov 08

Introduction to JINA

Hello World! This introductory post serves to acquaint you with all that is JINA Outreach. First, JINA stands for Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics which is a collaboration between astrophysicists, astronomers, and nuclear physicists at Notre Dame, Michigan State, and University of Chicago. We try to answer questions such as: Why do stars explode? Where …

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Sep 28

Speed of light and STEM culture

Yesterday the world heard from CERN the announcement of a remarkable preliminary finding: that neutrinos arriving at the OPERA detector seem to be showing up too early…about 60 nanoseconds too early. That doesn’t sound like much of an offense. But that 60ns early arrival corresponds (very roughly) to the neutrinos being more than ten yards …

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