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  1. Speed of light and STEM culture — September 28, 2011
  2. NANO Week in Michiana 2010-11 — April 6, 2011
  3. Ten alternatives to YouTube for K-12 — April 1, 2011
  4. Teaching Well Using Technology — March 26, 2011
  5. Step-wise implementation of TOW, while thinking through our social media strategy — March 23, 2011

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Sep 28

Speed of light and STEM culture

Yesterday the world heard from CERN the announcement of a remarkable preliminary finding: that neutrinos arriving at the OPERA detector seem to be showing up too early…about 60 nanoseconds too early. That doesn’t sound like much of an offense. But that 60ns early arrival corresponds (very roughly) to the neutrinos being more than ten yards …

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Apr 06

NANO Week in Michiana 2010-11

NANO Week is the classroom follow-up component to the week-long summer NANO institute. Below are statistics for these classroom visits: For all of Michiana: For the South Bend Community School Corporation: (Note that 55 students in Sharon Brandt’s class had two weeks of interaction, and thus the totals listed both for SBCSC and for all …

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Apr 01

Ten alternatives to YouTube for K-12

We quite often hear that YouTube is blocked in K-12 classrooms. Just click on the image above to read this blog post about ten free alternatives to YouTube. ~

Mar 26

Teaching Well Using Technology

How can you not like this tool? It’s one of my favorites from a workshop offered by the Kaneb Center: Teaching Well Using Technology . Jamie Antonelli and I attended the workshop today. Perhaps unlike my favorite tool linked above, many of the tools and tips we received were quite useful. The workshop uses a …

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Mar 23

Step-wise implementation of TOW, while thinking through our social media strategy

At yesterday’s meeting we introduced and set up a “topic of the week” (TOW) strategy for adding interesting content to our blogs.  I’m proposing that we try that strategy here, “in public” but not “to the public”, in our management blog, prior to rolling it out to our delicate shoot of new subscribers (137 as …

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Mar 09

Science at Swanson Primary Center

NANO Read more about BioEYES and NANO. Swanson Primary Center, like some 70 other Michiana K-12 schools, has been an active collaborator in Michiana STEM education. At least five teachers from Swanson have attended NDeRC events. This year, Swanson has hosted two programs that bring scientists into classrooms–NANO (above) and BioEYES (below). Moreover, they have …

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Mar 09

A few moments of raptor bliss…

Who wouldn’t want a few moments watching nesting eagles, live? Join several thousand other folks, just for fun. (Click on the lower “play” button if you want to watch the embedded version here; clicking the main screen will redirect you to the host page at Ustream.) To see more, visit the raptor resource web site. …

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Mar 09

Brainstorming in DC

Ten members of the Notre Dame extended Research Community are heading to DC this weekend for the GK-12 annual meeting. These meetings are extraordinarily rich times for reviewing what others are doing in university/K-12 relations across the country. This year’s event will be marked by some controversy, since the NSF has announced that GK-12 will …

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Feb 28

Invitation to GLOBE at Night collaboration

I’m passing along the invitation below from Connie Walker of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO). This concern for light pollution is an important project of our friend and regional collaborator Chuck Bueter of So anyone interested in this GLOBE activity might contact Chuck:) Less of Our Light for More Star Light Join the …

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Feb 25

Summer science workshop for middle schoolers: Sensing Our World

Below I pass along an announcement for a very cool week-long summer science program at Notre Dame for middle school students. NDeRC’s Enviro collaboration organized a day-long session in this event last year, and we had a blast. Send this announcement along to middle school students and their parents, cementing your friendship with them for …

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