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Feb 24

March 29 public lecture: The Large Binocular Telescope

This public lecture is a chance to get a very close look into a major scientific instrument and the experiments surrounding it:  the Large Binocular Telescope.  I’d recommend it for anyone interested in science and engineering. The lecture might be a stretch for middle school students, but just the right kind of stretch. K-12 science …

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Feb 18

DNA replication in cells, laboratories and schools

As the Cloning a Fluorescent Gene lab returns to Saint Joseph’s High School for a second week, this video provides an occasion for marveling at the DNA copying process both in the cellular context (represented in the video above) as well as in the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process (below.) Enjoy!

Feb 08

Google Science Fair

Text below is from the Google Apps for Education Newsletter, February 2011: Google Science Fair At Google, the only thing we love as much as science is science education. We want to celebrate young scientific talent and engage students who might not yet be engaged with science. So, in partnership with CERN, the LEGO Group, …

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Feb 02

Google Art Project

Google sets its employees free to collaborate with one another on ANY good purpose: they call these collaborations their “10 percent” projects, since every Google employee from salesman to CEO in encouraged to dedicate 10 percent of their Google time to such collaborations. I’ve been the direct beneficiary of one such “10 percent” project, the …

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Feb 02

Wannabe a software worker-bee?

We all use computers, but we don’t always think about the work that goes into programming them. This article in International Science Grid This Week entitled The Beauty of Software introduces some visualization software that makes it possible to watch the history of a piece of software being programmed in many different versions by many …

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Jan 28

Joe Donnelly encourages Michiana STEM educators

Congressman Joe Donnelly has supported our Collaborating for Education and Research Forum every year since its inception. We are grateful for his encouraging remarks, which we pass along in the video embedded above. You can read his remarks about this event in the Donnelly Dispatch here. Congratulations also to our Penn High School colleague Stacy …

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Jan 26

Brief instructions for new users: identifying yourself

We’ve recently had many new subscribers to the NDeRC Community blog–over 70, so far–in response to our invitation at Saturday’s Collaborating for Education and Research Forum. A few questions from new subscribers have come to our attention. Here are some brief answers. Q: How do we log in? What username and password do we use? …

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Jan 26

Planning for Transit of Venus 2012

In less than 500 days, Venus will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth for the last time in your lifetime. You can watch. Michiana Astronomical Society’s Chuck Beuter has blogged on his effort with NDeRC’s ASTRO collaboration to help Michiana K-12 students and teachers prepare for this event. Click on the image above …

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Jan 25

Blogs as threads of STEM culture

Earlier today I had the pleasure of spending the day with ten dozen (or so) STEM educators, mostly K-12 teachers but many graduate students and university faculty, at the 4th annual Collaborating for Research and Education Forum. I was tasked with giving a rationale and overview of the Forum’s activities (linked above) and during that …

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Jan 22

Where particle physicists work

I had been to Fermilab before, but the first time I drove in as an employee had a magical effect on me. It was a thrill for me to belong in some small way to an enterprise so substantial. I was hired in as Education Program Leader for I2U2, an amazing collaboration about which some …

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