Feb 08

Google Science Fair

Text below is from the Google Apps for Education Newsletter, February 2011:

Google Science Fair

At Google, the only thing we love as much as science is science education. We want to celebrate young scientific talent and engage students who might not yet be engaged with science. So, in partnership with CERN, the LEGO Group, National Geographic, and Scientific American we’ve created an exciting new global science competition, the Google Science Fair. Students all over the world who are between the ages of 13 and 18 are eligible to enter this competition and compete for prizes including once-in-a-lifetime experiences, internships and scholarships.

We’ll be accepting submissions from January 11 to April 4 2011, submitted electronically via a Google Site. Please note that if students at your school are unable to access Google Sites or share a Google Site outside your school, we recommend that they use a personal Google account to create and submit their project.

To learn more, visit google.com/sciencefair, and to request Google Science Fair materials for your classroom fill out this form, or download handouts and posters here.