Jan 26

Brief instructions for new users: identifying yourself

We’ve recently had many new subscribers to the NDeRC Community blog–over 70, so far–in response to our invitation at Saturday’s Collaborating for Education and Research Forum. A few questions from new subscribers have come to our attention. Here are some brief answers.

Q: How do we log in? What username and password do we use?
A: there is no need for subscribers to log in, and thus no need for any username and password. Subscribers only get notification that someone else has posted to the blog; subscribers cannot post to the blog themselves, and so need no permissions.

Q: But didn’t your unbelievably long last blog encourage us to participate, by “liking” posts, or commenting on them?
A: Yes. Subscribers can’t post to blogs (in the main area), but they can “like” the blog, and they can comment on the blog.

Q: But isn’t it dangerous to let just anyone without a username and password post comments?
A: Yes, but we take steps to manage that danger. First, we monitor all comments, and will delete anything inappropriate. Second, we require a CAPTCHA code–where you must read and reenter a combination of numbers and letters–to prove the comment is not computer-generated spam. We use a variety of other spam-filters. We have other actions we can take, also:)

Q: Then why does the site have a log-in option?
A: To post to the main body of the blog, where you can include pictures, video, audio files, etc., you must be logged in. But (again) you need not be logged in to read, like, or comment on a post.

Q: So how do I get a username/password to be able to post?
A: Begin to comment, so people involved in the blog will get to know you and you get to know the blog. If you know an author and have an idea to post, email it to the author and ask them to post it for you as a guest author. Or email a site organizer saying that you would like to post, and we can create an account for you.