Nov 14

Back-2-Back Thursday

Thursday was a busy day for JINA outreach. From 3:30-5:15 we were at Monroe Community Circle Center (MC3) making mini-bots with excited 4th graders during one of our two after-school programs. Students at El Campito made the mini-bots last week. The mini-bots utilize a battery, motor, and Newton’s 3rd law to hop around on a surface when complete. This week and next, they will make electric cars that zoom around!

From 6-7:15 we held “Supernova in a lab” at the Centre Branch Library for 4-12th graders. Students heard about nuclear astrophysics, and then took turns smashing 12C nuclei to make rare exotic nuclei, and playing isotope bingo. We concluded with a short talk on careers in Nuclear Astrophysics (which can be found on Prezi). The children (and their parents) are looking forward to the next event.