Jan 04

Cell Phones in the Classroom?

I’ve not used cell phones in the classroom much. (I did use cell phones in an outdoor water quality mapping project for middle school students, which worked like a charm.) But it seems way past time to talk about why this is so. Kids are cell phone natives, and most professional people today are, too. It is strange indeed that a nation so (rightly) concerned for the quality of K-12 education should work without one of its most prolific technology resources, fighting with one hand tied behind its back. Yet that’s what we do.

Listen to the voices of a couple of teachers experienced with using cell phones in classrooms in the video above. As someone who has used web 2.0 resources extensively in the classroom, what they say about the use of cell phones rings true to me. The arguments against using web 2.0 resources seem just as strong up front, and just as hollow after serious attempts to overcome them, as do concerns over cell phone use. gtg:)