Jul 13

Sensing our World as global citizens

Embedded here are nearly 200 images taken by 41 middle school students during a four hour water source mapping project at the University of Notre Dame. A module in NISMEC’s Sensing Our World experience, the activity pre-figured the wellhead protection project spearheaded by NDeRC Fellow Carrie Rodak and high school teachers John Gensic of New Prairie and Mike Walsh of Saint Joseph’s. BOSCO-Uganda’s Classroom-to-classroom project was the inspiration for this activity. The students here in the US did what Northern Ugandan students are doing with their own water sources. Having learned to interact with one another in a wiki over their own maps they engaged Ugandan students in the same way.

Linked here are maps that middle school students generated at ND and in Uganda. If you follow the links to the wiki pages the students (and teachers) are creating, you see a great deal of similarity. I’m hoping that the students see this, too.