Jul 12


A trip to Fermilab is always a treat. The occasion last Friday was a small working group seeking to establish some inter-rater reliability for assessing student posters using a common rubric. This was an I2U2 exercise: Interactions in Understanding the Universe (IiUU: 2 “i”s, 2 “U”s–I2U2.) I spend some time on this acronym since I2U2 pays most of my salary: I’m the Education Program Leader for the I2U2 effort to build online research environments for high school students.

There’s a lot to say about Fermilab. I recommend letting the slides do the talking. Most of the images collected in this Flickr slideshow were taken from the 15th floor of Wilson Hall. (In a couple of cases you’ll have to turn your monitor around to read them…I’ll fix those in flickr when I get a chance.)