Jul 23

Linking Back

Looking toward the future of our lives, it looks clear that technology will be a key part.  Seemingly at the heart of all technology comes social networking sites like TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.  The importance of social networking continues to grow every day and the NDQC knows that.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a small project attempting to try and reconnect with past QuarkNet participants to see where they are now.  Currently, I am doing that by means of LinkedIn.  Dubbed the “Professional Networking Site” by many, LinkedIn can do a number of things for the businessman.  For my purposes at QuarkNet, however, the use of the group feature worked best.

I wanted to create a group for the NDQC where past and present participants could post anything of interest that they might be doing in their professional life or student life.  I personally connected with as many past QuarkNet participants I could find and then added them to my group.  Connecting with the past is important because QuarkNet would like to be able to see how the past students are doing after their experiences here. A small shot of the home page of the group is below.


So far, the project has been a success as the group has grown in size and people have already contacted me telling their own stories of QuarkNet.  Hopefully the group will continue to grow and it can become a fully functional social network!