Jul 23

Look to the Skies

There is no doubt that some truly unbelievable things exist beyond our universe.  Space, however, is so vast that we have experienced only a fraction of everything that exists out there.  Everyday astronomers are trying to learn more and more about what exists beyond Earth.

The NDQC Astro group is also trying to learn more about the mysteries of space.  The students and teachers are using the amenities of the Jordan Hall of Science Observatory to do that.  Focusing primarily on observing specific stars, the students are able to learn things like how to calibrate a research-grade telescope to make it do what is needed.  Students also learn a lot about individual stars such as Arcturus or Vega.


I was given the privilege to go with them on one of their observations last week and in a short couple of hours I learned a lot about the night sky that I did not know before.