Dec 16

Galileoscope imaging contest

NDeRC’s ASTRO collaboration has 30 Galileoscopes available for classroom use. Below is repeated a post to an astronomy program listserve from Ardis Herrold, a teacher I worked with in the NOAO/NASA Spitzer Teachers observing program. The time is quite short for two upcoming categories (ending Jan 21, 2011), but there are other, later categories, and it could be a lot of fun. Galileoscopes could be sent home with interested students over the holidays. Promoting such a contest locally was one of the reasons we accepted the 30 Galileoscopes offered to us, and now these clever Earth Science teachers have created a national version. Should be fun.


from Ardis Herrold, President, NESTA and Spitzer Teacher alumnus:

Galilesocope users, take note! The National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) and the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) announce the opening of three Galileoscope Observing Contests. The contests are open to students in grades 12 and under. There are two categories in each contest: Sketches and Images. The first two targets are the Moon and Jupiter. These contests run through January 21, 2011. The total lunar eclipse next week would be an excellent opportunity to use Galileoscopes and enter the contest. A third contest, “Galileo’s Choice” is also now open for observing other objects and concludes in April. NESTA will maintain an ongoing Galileoscope Image Gallery of entries as the contests progress. Prize packages will be awarded by NOAO and will include a number of items such as a book, poster and a planisphere. Winners will receive publicity through the NESTA web site and also have their work published in the Earth Scientist. Full contest details may be found at:https://www.nestanet.org/cms/content/galileoscope-observing-contests.