Sep 21

Even a bad picture of Jupiter….

IMG_20100920_220619, originally uploaded by NDeRC2.

Even a bad picture of Jupiter can show some wonderful detail. This is a cell phone image of Jupiter and two of its nearest moons. (I haven’t done the work, yet, to figure out which they are. There could be another of the four Galilean moons behind the planet.) One detail worth noticing is the planar relationship between the moons and the planet.

A phone call from my brother Jim in Connecticut alerted me to this observing opportunity. Jupiter is said to be at its closest position to Earth since 1963. (See this article.)

Also of note: the great spot should have “transited” last night, which if I understand it correctly means that it passed as near to us as it will get along the arc that it travels. I’m not sure that you can see it via cell phone image, below: you be the judge:)

Jupiter's largest band?