Jun 21

A little web 2.0 training

2010-06-21 11.19.04, originally uploaded by NDeRC2.

More than two dozen K-12 teachers went through an introduction to Wikispaces at Notre Dame’s Jordan Hall of Science today. The introduction was provided by NDeRC Coordinator and high energy physicist Patrick Mooney. The Bioeyes.michianastem.org wiki is meant to support collaboration among members of the third cohort of BioEYES teachers.

BioEYES is a program where students breed and observe the development of zebrafish in a week-long guided classroom experience. This cohort brings to 75 the number of K-12 teachers in Michiana who have completed the week-long professional development program introducing teachers to the week-long classroom activity, as well as to modern biology techniques. That portion is being conducted this year in collaboration with Otyp; about whom see my recent blog on “as if computational biology were a really big deal“.)

This is an exciting combination, and we’re looking forward to the good directions these cohort III BioEYES teachers will take once equipped with these resources.