Jun 13

…as if computational biology were a really big deal.

What makes traditional themal cyclers so expensive (and what is Otyp doing differently)? from otyp on Vimeo.

Meet James Peyer of Peyer Labs. When I met James and his brother David at HASTI last January, these guys acted as if nearly everybody ought to understand molecular and computational biology, and it was their job to provide them all with the materials they need to join the party. I was hooked in 15 seconds and sold in about 5 minutes. This summer, NDeRC is partnering with Peyer Labs, bringing their Cloning a Fluorescent Gene laboratory experience to our BioEYES workshop participants (with invitations extended also to high school teachers from the past two cohorts, and any AP bio teachers we can find.) Peyer labs provides the lab write-up online, open-source, and ships all the equipment and supplies needed directly to the school. The lab takes a week, and teachers have two weeks to ship the materials back.

But why ship teachers expensive sophisticated equipment when you can manufacture that equipment yourself, and much more economically? So Otype is born. This is STEM entrepreneurship, and we need a lot more of it. Watch the video. You can say you knew them when.