Feb 07

Science Alive! 2010

Following in a long line of exhibitors over at least the past ten consecutive years, QuarkNet and NDeRC faculty, teachers, graduate fellows and undergrads–am I forgetting anyone?–participated in Saint Joseph County Public Library’s Science Alive! event earlier today. The QuarkNet/NDeRC room was full of fun: scanning electron microscopy for seeing surface structure at 9000x; cloud chamber and image intensifying detectors for visualizing cosmic rays; an electron gun surrounded by very low pressure ionizing gas inside a magnetic field for visualizing and measuring the charge/mass ratio an electron beam; zebrafish development under optical microscopes; light transmission using advanced fiber optics; defraction grating observation of emission tube spectra; exploration of the effects of liquid nitrogen cooling on a wide range of ordinary objects; and face painting with ice viewed through the lens of an infrared camera. I grabbed a few images by cell phone amidst the excitement. I didn’t have time to get around to the rest of the exhibits today, but below is the set I took at last year’s event. Be there next year if you can!