Sep 24

Subscribing to NDeRC blogs

The obvious purpose of blogging is to share your experiences with others. You can wait until others wander into your blog, but a more efficient system is to get others to subscribe to your blog. Since turnabout is fair play, you ought to consider subscribing to their blogs, as well. You can subscribe to NDeRC blogs via RSS feed, and if you know what that is you probably don’t need a “how to” on subscribing. But subscribing by email is another good way to gain notification and easy access to other peoples blogs. Below is a screencast reviewing how to bulk subcribe to NDeRC blogs, for those who have NDeRC accounts. If you don’t have such an account, you can subscribe to blogs one-at-a-time by entering your email address in the appropriate box in the right margin.

(By the way: this screencast was made using Jing, but the free level of Jing service provides shockwave videos, which our NDeRC blog doesn’t support for some reason I’ve yet to explore. So I used the pro level of service, which allows mp4 videos to be uploaded to YouTube. The free versions play inside our wikispaces wiki, so anyone in NDeRC can make free screencasts using Jing and embed them in the wiki. I’ll provide some notice if I get to the bottom of our shockwave problem.)