Jul 10

Why I keep this on my wall

1203081658.jpg, originally uploaded by NDeRC2.

Astroimaging is amazing. It is a wonderful gateway to astronomy, to the electromagnetic spectrum, to light and energy…it’s a science teacher’s goldmine. Students at many levels can produce original, at least beautiful and sometimes insightful and informative displays by combining images taken at different wavelengths. The image above combines four wavelengths, three of which (in the visible portion of the spectrum) were taken by high school teachers on the WIHN .9 meter scope at Kitt Peak, and one of which (in infrared) was taken from 2MASS archival data. These were combined using a fairly advanced piece of software. But anyone with an internet connection is only a few clicks away from using the Aladin applet to access much of the world’s astronomy archival data and creating their own images. Examples coming here soon:)