Nov 06


Hi, all.  Welcome to my NDeRC Blog. I’m Tom Loughran, in case you’re keeping track.  I help to manage NDeRC.  I’m also a classroom teacher, and I help develop online research activities for students who aren’t yet in college.

Blogs are a big deal for NDeRC.  Our interaction with one another–the stuff that communities are made of–won’t be very substantial unless we know what others are doing.  Blogs are one very good way to let others know what you are up to.  Below is a widget I installed, just by cutting and copying code from a Flickr slideshow.  That slideshow contains pictures I take on a cell phone and email to flickr.  They get sent here automatically.  This is an example of a technology that can help the local STEM community keep many of our activities right out in public, so others can see and choose to interact as they like.

NDeRC Flickr Photostream (updated “on the fly”)