Jun 26

A MASSive Discovery- But How Does It Affect Me?


Computer Simulation of Collision involving a Higgs (CERN)

Last summer, physicists at the LHC at CERN believe they made a monumental discovery in the field of particle physics.  They think they found the Higgs boson which has been sought after for almost the past 50 years.  In simple terms, the Higgs explains why certain particles have mass and others do not.  This remains a huge discovery for physicists but leaves a question for the general observer.  What is the point of finding this particle in my own life?

What is a Higgs Boson?

The truth is, at the moment, there are not any “real” life uses for this particle.  As it has been with past particle physics discoveries, it may take decades before any real life meaning can come about.  If this particle turns out to be the Higgs, it will take serious observation in the future to figure out how it can be used to make any big changes.  Right now, it is just important that it has been found.

The CMS Upgrade group here at NDQC is currently working on testing parts for an upgrade to the LHC CMS detector where the Higgs was discovered. Hopefully, some parts made by this group can be used to make the next big discovery.

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